USDA Plan Service Archive

USDA Plan Service Farm Building & Equipment Plans

This is the archive of the USDA Plan Service. These building and equipment plans were developed over many years starting in the 1950s by engineers at land-grant universities. They provide conceptual information that may be helpful in planning new facilities or in remodeling older ones. They are intended to illustrate a concept and may be changed by the user. Some plans are detailed enough to build from directly without alteration. Others may need significant changes to comply with existing building codes. The date of original publication and the university or other source that designed it are shown on most plans. Additional information and plans are shown in the NRAES series of publications.

The plans are grouped into use or structural categories for ease of selection.  The entries are titled as follows: The name of the item and the USDA Plan Service number.


These plans can provide conceptual information. Changes in farming techniques, building materials and the building code have made some of them out of date or obsolete. It is important to have professional engineering services review these plans and tailor them to your situation and locale. Changes that may be needed include structural design, site selection, construction techniques, runoff and waste management and code compliance. Neither the USDA, the University of Connecticut nor any of the cooperating land-grant universities warranty these plans.